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Published on: August 13, 2013 / Comments: 1

3D Printing with Glass

I can finally print my own sporks!

No, not Google Glass.. t-glase (or tough glass).  Taulman makes alternate 3D Printer filament, specifically strong filament.  Their previous products 618 Nylon and 645 Nylon are Nylon based but its their own special blend which is a little safer (fumes, etc) and stronger than traditional filament.

What makes the t-glase special ?  Well the Nylon blends are usually printed closer to ABS, and t-glase can be printed at lower temperatures but the unique factor is t-glase is FDA approved!  This means printing your own cups or crazy spoons should be ok!  That’s pretty cool.

They are taking only pre-orders now for the t-glase (estimated shipping soon), and the 618 and 645 are available now.   The t-glase is currently only available in clear but they plan to do colors in the future.

More info on Taulman’s site.

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