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Published on: September 5, 2013 / Comments: None

The $45 CuBox-i might be your new XBMC box

Let's see how long until someone puts an emulator on it...

If you’ve ever run XBMC on your Raspberry Pi, you’ll notice it can bog down a little bit and get a little slow.  The new CuBox line might just replace that.  The CuBox line comes in a couple flavors with different options and starts out at $45 bucks.  The base model sports a Freescale i.MX6 solo @ 1ghz, 512MB of DDR3, HDMI/Ethernet, optical/spdif, and an infra-red receiver.  It also has video acceleration so it should be able to push 1080p video out.

It’s boasted that it can run Android or Linux and open source.  It looks like it comes with a case already, and if it comes with a power supply too, then price wise it’s almost cheaper then running a Raspberry Pi.

The upgraded models add more features like dual and quad cpu cores, more ram, an eSATA interface, and even an infra-red transmitter.

Linuxgizmos has a more in-depth feature list here.  I feel the CuBox’s web site doesn’t lay the details out very cleanly.  They are taking pre-orders on the CuBox site right now.

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