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Published on: August 18, 2013 / Comments: None

Adding a reset switch to your Raspberry Pi

I think I'd rather just have an on/off switch

While having full power control of your Raspberry Pi, meaning a power on/off button would be great a quick and easy thing you can do is add a reset switch.  If you have the Rev 2 version of the Pi, (the one with mounting holes) apparently there is an un-populated header labeled P6.  By soldering a momentary switch to those points, or a cleaner approach is to put a removable header in that spot.

Once you have the header in place you can either momentarily touch the two leads together to cause a reset (just like a PC reset button) or fashion a momentary button with a female header.  If you have some old PC junk laying around you might be able to salvage the reset button from a pc (that acts the same way on a pc motherboard) as the author of the article did.

Not really much to it, but useful.  Full write-up here.

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