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Published on: August 25, 2013 / Comments: None

Another sweet Raspberry Pi media center carputer

Wait for your speakers to make the poppy noise....

All in all it took about 45 minutes to install.  I hardwired the power cables to the back of the Stereo so it will only use power while key is turned on.   Plugged the video cable in to the Video in and same with the audio.

Randy decided to trick his truck out with an embedded Raspberry Pi media center running through his in-dash DVD player. He’s hardwired everything to the truck so it powers on when the key is turned on and hid all the visible wires.  He can even charge his phone off of it.

We’ve seen people do this before, but I guess having an in-dash Pioneer DVD system makes this job a cinch!

Here’s a run down of the hardware.  He’s running OpenElec XBMC due to the fact the OpenElec distro mainly runs off of a read only ram-disk, so sudden shutdowns have less chance of corrupting the SD card.  He’s got a 10 port powered USB hub, WiFi / Bluetooth, 2x 32GB flash drives and a mini wireless keyboard and mouse touchpad.  Once booted it connects to his phone via wi-fi hotspot.  Randy estimates it cost him about $135 bucks to put this together (sans the DVD player I presume)

Randy’s got some install instructions here.

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