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Published on: September 17, 2013 / Comments: None

Build an Op-amp based RIAA phono preamp

You still listen to records ?

Believe it or not some people are still in to vinyl, actually I think more people are getting into vinyl nowadays!  One thing you might not have on that fancy turbo pandora playing surround sound is a phono input for that crusty record player of yours.  Why not build a preamp so you can hook it up?

The build is based on an OPA2134 op-amp and uses a bipolar +12/-12 power supply.  Since this type of amplifier is high gain it is important to make good design decisions to reduce noise.   First off you should have an earth ground, and a fully shielded metal enclosure or else you might be picking up a lot of unwanted noise.  Second the power components should have ample space away from the audio components.  The rest can be handled with some resistors and caps.

Nice build.  Schematic included, check out the project on diyaudioprojects.

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