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Published on: September 16, 2013 / Comments: None

Building a Delta style 3D Printer that does ceramic

Ashtray's for everybody!

Printing with plastic like PLA and ABS is cool, or even something more unique like Nylon or Tglas… but people are always looking for more.  In Johnathan’s case, he wanted to print in clay.  Novel idea.  This brings all sorts of ideas to potters.

The design is based on of a delta style 3D Printer, and uses MDF, plastic and steel rods with linear bearings.  On the electronics side its a set from Fabster3D which is a RAMPS board and runs a modified Marlin firmware.   The print head uses clay cartridges that extrude out of compressed air at about 30 psi.  The clay extrudes out at about 1mm per second.

Check out the full writeup on Johnathan’s site. More pictures and video after the break.

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