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Published on: October 21, 2013 / Comments: None

Great idea — turn uav/drones into flying ghosts!

Looking for something fun to do this Halloween?  How about scaring the crap out of people everywhere.  Alton Porter has a pretty good setup for this.  It looks like adding a lightweight skull (either wire-frame or Styrofoam), some LED eyes, and some tattered cloth.  Just make sure you don’t interfere with the blades, nobody wants you to crash your quad!

This would be amazingly cool with a swarm of small drones.  Great idea.

Published on: August 8, 2013 / Comments: 2

Upgrading a quad-copter with a proximity sensor for autonomous flight

Chris got his hands on a Crazyflie nano quadcopter.  Oddly enough the quad already comes with open source firmware and hardware ideal for hacking ( imagine that! )  So that’s just what he did.  The Crazyflie runs a STM32 (arm cortex m3) processor and FreeRTOS.  He got the upgraded package with a magnetometer, and altimiter, and can add a GPS too.  All things that are great for autonomous flight but it still isn’t smart enough to not bash into the wall.

Adding a proximity sensor would at least help with immediate obstacle avoidance (and walls), So he found a proximity sensor and dove right in learning C again.  Check out the full write-up here.