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Published on: August 28, 2013 / Comments: 1

DIY home automation with Souliss

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[su_quote]… it runs over AVRs microcontrollers and include all the libraries and drivers required for a complete a distributed intelligent network, it also includes an Android user interface.[/su_quote]Ever wanted to make your home smarter ?  Or just remotely control basically everything in your home ?  Souliss is here to help.  It’s a framework for DIY home automation.

What I like about Souliss versus having used traditional home automation hardware (like Z-Wave) is you aren’t restricted to what modules are available.  You can craft your own using a lot of familiar hardware like Arduino’s (and I’m sure Raspberry Pi’s in the future).  It’s not restricted to specific methods of communication either, you can do wired or wireless or wi-fi or serial or whatever you can use to get your devices to communicate.  Great project!


Here is a video showing some RGB LED strips being controlled with Souliss.  Sure this isn’t the traditional turn-my-coffee-pot-on demo, but it looks cooler!

Souliss has lots of info on their site, including downloads, and examples.

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