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Published on: September 13, 2013 / Comments: 3

How to remove an IC from a PCB the unusual way

Heh heh... fire... fire.... heh..

It’s Friday… and you are probably are stuck at work.  So why not learn how to remove a IC from a PCB — in a very very unconventional way.  It’s great if you don’t care about the chip… or the board for that matter.

Seriously though, if you need to relieve some stress, the guys who made this video Electronics In a Nutshell have a very entertaining channel on YouTube where they mostly torture circuit boards and stuff in various ways.  Just the way we like it.

Here’s another entertaining video to get you through the day.  Lithium-Ion battery vs 220 volts.

  1. Thank you very much for sharing the videos and your awesome description! As the owner of “Electronics in a Nutshell” channel, I am very glad that you enjoyed my content. It is always fun to destroy some electronics and play with some fire!

    • The Hackalizer says:

      Hey thanks for torching boards! Your YouTube channel is quite entertaining (and somewhat informational :)

      • It’s my pleasure! Well, I’ve just started out making these videos and this page made my day, I really liked your description. Be sure to check out my one of the latest videos where I show how to generate electricity from eggplants! (Kind of a hack? =) ). I love the idea of this website, very nice indeed, I wish you good luck. Will be returning for cool hacks!

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