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Published on: September 10, 2013 / Comments: None

Jack the Ripper is an automated DIY disc changer

Damn cool.

Andy had a problem that a lot of us have, we’re ready to move into the future and stream all of our movies (that we legally own of course) to our XBMC media center (or equivalent).  But who wants to take the time to rip your entire collection?  Not me.  So Andy started to rip his and came to the same conclusion.

So he built a robot to automate the boring process of taking a disc from the stack, putting in the drive, taking the disc out of the drive, put it in the finished stack, and repeat.  The build uses mostly 3D printed parts and servos.  The process is controlled by a Raspberry Pi and a laptop.

While the original source function for this is for ripping DVDs, I don’t see why this couldn’t be adapted to ripping audio CDs, or automated cd burning by inserting cd blanks, or direct-to-cd printers, you know to get that freestyle demo of yours out!

More information is posted up in sections – Introduction and Mechanics.  Everything is GPL’d, so the source code and 3D Models are also available on github.


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