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Published on: September 22, 2013 / Comments: 2

Lazy Sunday Links – 9/22/2013

Damn, sunday again already ?

It’s Sunday again, time to take a break from watching your favorite NFL team lose and learn something somewhat productive.

First up, you should fire up your 3D Printer and make yourself a set of these cool 8bit video game coasters.

Not in the mood for some video game coasters? Well did you know there are more places to get 3D models to print for your 3D Printer other than Thingiverse ?  There’s Defcad which commonly has all those items that people are forced to take down other places, and Yeggi which seems to just scour the web hunting models.  If you are making industrial designs like PCB layout, there’s 3dcontentcentral.  That should get you going.

You’ve obviously heard of FFT or Fast Fourier Transform, you have it on your trusty O’Scope and when you look at it, you think you see valuable information.  But what exactly is a Fourier Transform?  Check out the interactive guide to Fourier Transform so you can learn something.

Looking for somewhere to host your software project, not a fan of GitHub?  Srchub is just starting out, but offers subversion, git, mercurial, wiki, issue tracker.  Lets you assign multiple collaborators and also make private repositories.  Not a bad gig for free.

You JavaScript/Node.js guys have probably seen the Espruino microcontroller.  A micro that can be developed using JavaScript.  But did you know there is another one ?  The Tessel.  This one’s got on-board wi-fi.

  1. Nathan Adams says:

    Hi – owner/maintainer of srchub here. Thank you for mentioning me – I just want to give you some background on srchub. srchub was created specifically because Google has dropped downloads support from their hosted open source projects (probably because they want people to store released on their google drives). And at the time I was using rhodecode for my private projects and it just wasn’t working as well as I would hope – so I found a project called indefero that was basically a clone of google code. My hope with srchub is to make it so that you aren’t chained and/or at the mercy of a single source code repository service. I have the google philosophy in mind – it’s your data you should be able to export it and take it with you to either your own instance or a completely different service (while I don’t have an “export” feature right now – it is certainly planned). And you have my word that srchub will not turn into a “rhodecode” where they forked the code and put it behind a proprietary license. Not only is the srchub service free, but the site is also open source along with a “beta” installer that allows you to install either the original indefero or srchub.

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