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Published on: September 2, 2013 / Comments: 1

Meet the Arduino YUN

Hitting shelves in a few days is the latest in the Arduino family, the Arduino YUN.  The Arduino blog is going to be running a few articles explaining all the features of the YUN.  They kicking it off with an overview of the hardware.

The YUN starts off with the standard Arduino footprint, and borrows the ATMega32U4 from the Leonardo.  Then adds a new processor the Atheros AR9331 and 64MB of RAM.  The Atheros is running a lightweight linux port based off of the OpenWRT branch.  The YUN has both Ethernet, and WI-FI and a microSD slot.

We’ve seen hybrids like this before, but I can’t say any of them really took off.  It’s a good combo in my opinion.  It’s difficult to facilitate super low power and real-time processing with the Linux based boards, but it’s difficult to do things like run Python and OpenCV on microcontrollers.  By mixing the two together you potentially have a platform that could tackle most tasks.  We look forward to seeing what people make with the YUN in the future.

Check out all the details over at the Arduino blog.

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