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Published on: September 16, 2013 / Comments: None

NaCade – the Naked Raspberry Pi Arcade runs PiMAME

Street fighter 2 CE, all day.

Everyone loves retro gaming, it makes you wonder why they keep making new video games instead of old ones!  Usually when people do retro gaming on the Raspberry Pi they go the retropie route, so it’s refreshing to see a project supporting PiMAME.  The NaCade is a mini arcade cabinet running on a Raspberry Pi.

The case is made of clear 3mm acrylic which is both cut and bent using heat and practice  For a display it uses a 7″ LCD used for a car backup camera.  Inside is a Raspberry Pi running PiMAME and a 9AH battery charged by a solar controller and 20w solar panel.  Yeah, solar-powered!  The sound comes from an amplified USB speaker.  The joystick and buttons are standard arcade parts, except the buttons are all back-lit.

You know you want to build one (I know I do).  Check out the rest of the details.


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