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Published on: August 23, 2013 / Comments: None

… Or you can just learn vim

Don't even mention emacs

one-does-not-simply-learn-vimEarlier today while suggesting that you upgrade your Arduino IDE, I briefly mentioned my favorite programming editor vim.  Then I realized that there may actually be people in the world who do not know vim (not you, I’m sure you’re a seasoned Unix hacker and you’re reading this on your 40 column serial terminal using vim).  So I thought I should provide you with some info and resources.

First up is 10 reasons to learn vim.  This probably will not convince you to use vim, but it was worth a shot.

Learn vim progressively.  A sort of logarithmic ramp up to learning vim.  You can start to get a good idea of the power of vim by this tutorial.

The infamous vim cheat sheet for programmers.  That’s where the scary image above comes from.  I recommend getting a nice 11×17 landscape full color print of this and posting it on your wall.  Or getting your grandmother to crochet it into a blanket.

The interactive vim tutorial.  This one is cute, a sorta virtual vim you can learn on in your browser.  This will actually be pretty useful in the beginning.

Then there’s the mac-daddy of vim tutorials, vim adventures.  Who said you can’t make a video game using vim ?  It does help get the point across very well and help you memorize the keystrokes.

I recommend hitting up some of these tutorials and just starting to use it, it really is very powerful albeit a little weird at first if you aren’t used to it.

Or you can always buy a book.

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