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Published on: September 7, 2013 / Comments: None

Paul’s Take on the PCB Design Cycle

...size does matter...

Breadboard Temperature MonitorLast month Paul shared his Raspberry Pi based Temperature Monitor which he had prototyped on a breadboard.  Now he has taken it to the next level using the KiKad PCB Design tool to layout a board. The documenting of his design decisions is what makes this build interesting.

He wanted to use OSH Park which charges by the square inch.  After finding out that 3 boards would cost him $26 he was determined to get his board cost down.  Pushing the components together and shrinking the board a little helped but not by much. Swapping out the unnecessary 8 channel ADC for a 4 channel ADC freed up a little more room.  However, Paul still was not happy with the cost.  So he swapped most of the through-hole parts out with surface mount components and after a good nights sleep changed the design yet again using modern temperature sensors. After all this his total cost was $2.90 cents for 3 boards.

It just goes to show that a few hours of planning can keep your wallet fat.  See all the details here.

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