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Published on: September 9, 2013 / Comments: None

Pedal Powered Landspeeder X-34

...daddy i'm tired...

I decided to make a “bumper sticker” that I think any young “Luke” would appreciate.

One way to intensify your kids workout is to weigh down their pedal car down with a few dozen pounds of wood. However, I doubt that was the inspiration blogsdo had when he turned his sons “Original KettCar” into a Pedal Powered Landspeeder X-34. This dad just may be a strong contender for the father of the year award for this awesome birthday gift.

He did not intend to document his build so there is not a whole lot to report on.  As you can see from the build photos after the break the car was basically wrapped with wood and decorated with a few custom decals. One of which probably had the little ones giggling.

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