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Published on: August 16, 2013 / Comments: 2

PiMote uses your Android phone as a remote for your Raspberry Pi

It's like a remote control for your Pi, wait... that's exactly what it is

So far I have 10 components working, including the Accelerometer which can stream its data to the Pi.

Tom has put together a cool little setup I’m sure a lot of you will find useful.  It consists of an Android app (source code here), and server that runs on the Raspberry Pi written in Python (source code here).  Tom’s put together documentation for his API that lets you trigger events and send data between devices.

The list of components is pretty extensive.  Standard controls like buttons and toggles, extending to Voice input and VideoFeed.  Everything is done via wifi so you’ll need to get wifi working on your Pi first.  It’s a work in progress but I can see many applications for this already!


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  1. Muhammad Ahsan says:

    I need to control raspberry pi through my android phone. what I have understood so far about the configurations required is:
    1- Connect both android phone and raspberry pi to the same wireless network.
    2- Run PiMote.apk on android phone.
    3- The ip address and port number which is required in android PiMote.apk to connect to raspberry pi will be the one as it is mentioned in the examples provided by you i.e. in, the mentioned ip address and port number are:
    ip= , port= 8090.
    Is this correct or there need to be some changes?

  1. […] Previously I mentioned a similar project that used a python daemon to talk to an Android app to remotely control the Pi.  Well there’s always more than one way of doing things.  As with the other project, the implementation on this one is a little different. […]

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