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Published on: August 23, 2013 / Comments: None

Reactive Targets for your Airsoft and NERF®

"you'll shoot your eye out"

Eindia and Viktor were at a shooting gallery when Eindia insisted that they build their own Reactive Targets complete with lights and sound.  It seems so simple but can deliver hours of fun for even the oldest of kids.

Viktor used Piezo Elements mounted to sheet steel to create his target sensors. A signal conditioning circuit is used to prevent the Arduino inputs from being blown out by the high voltage that Piezos can produce. The Arduino host code which currently supports 3 modes of game play.

  •  Quick Draw  – In this mode, a random target will illuminate after 1-4 seconds. The software will measure the time from when the LED came on to when the piezo was struck. There is plenty of rest time in between to practice holstering, drawing, aiming, and firing.
  •  Timed Mode  – In this mode, random targets will illuminate for 10 seconds. Once a piezo is struck, another random target will illuminate. The final score will indicate how many targets were struck during the time period. This is to practice speed of aiming.
  •  Rapid Fire  – In this mode, one random target at a time will illuminate until 32 targets have been struck. The final score is given as the time it took for 32 targets to be hit. With 32 targets, this mode allows for the practice of magazine swapping to be figured into overall time.

I would like to see some reactive armour for NERF ammo. Sensors could be used to detect incoming NERF bullets and blow them out of the air before they hit their target.

Check out the schematic and source code on Super Fun Adventure Quest Time.

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