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Published on: September 6, 2013 / Comments: None

Remote control WheelBarrow ? Hell yeah!

I'll be sitting in the AC controlling this thing from the window!

Look I wont lie to you, I hate yard work, so I really like this guy’s style.  Yeah I’d feel sorta weird loading this thing up and driving it to the dump site and letting it take some of the load off of me.  In the build instructions the author says it began life as a robotic mower project (that’s what I really need I tell ya) but ended up making this wheelbarrow instead.

So what’s involved in the build?  First it starts off with just building a giant remote control platform.  Use something beefy like an electric wheel chair.  Add some motor controllers, and an off the shelf radio control interface.  Mount it up to the wheelbarrow platform and you’re almost there.  The tricky part here is rigging up the pneumatic cylinder to dump the load.  The author is running a 24oz CO2 tank, some paintball hoses and a regulator.  All hooked up to a 3 way air valve and turned by high torque servo to lift and lower the ‘dump’.

I’d love to get this thing out and do some yard work just to see what dirty looks my neighbors would give me!


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