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Published on: September 3, 2013 / Comments: 1

SNESoIP puts your controller on the net

You'll just complain that lag killed you I'm sure

The project it currently in its early stage, but fully functional and could be used to play multiplayer games over the Internet.
The sheer fact that people seem to spend a great deal of time modernizing vintage consoles tells you one thing, that retro gaming is awesome.  The SNESoIP project is not a full solution for playing SNES games (on a real console I might add, not an emulator) over the internet, but it is a start.

The concept here is to basically move the controllers to a packet format that can be manipulated over networking.  On the hardware side, it’s basically a box with an ethernet cable and a SNES controller jack.  It looks like the processor is an ATmega8 with an enc28j60 for ethernet (which was mentioned earlier as a cheap Arduino solution).

The project is open source, has source code, schematic, and pcb files here on github.

One Comment.
  1. Wow, it’s nice to find an article about my project on a cool site like this. Thank you guys!
    The project is currently under heavy development (hardware and software), so if you wanna help feel free to join us at #retrotardation on euIRC.

    PS: The preview image is a little bit pixelated. Images in an higher resolution can be found here:

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