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Published on: September 1, 2013 / Comments: None

Stripboard Logic Level Converter

...git 'er done...

Stripboard Layout of I2C Level Converter

When prototyping with digital sensors and microcontrollers it’s common to need a logic level converter.  If you ever find yourself needing to convert between 3.3v and 5v logic levels you’ll be happy to know Tom from Magic Smoke has you covered. In his tutorial he shows you how to build your own Stripboard I2C Logic Level Converter using 4 resistors, 2 MOSFETs, a strip board, and a few jumper wires.

Altarado Stripboard Design Editor

However, the logic level converter isn’t what got my attention with this design. I hate prototyping on perfboards and stripboards. I’d much rather use DipTrace to capture my schematic and layout a PCB.  Though, Tom may have changed my opinion about stripboards by introducing me to this online Stripboard Schematic Capture and Layout (alpha) editor.

We also stumbled across a downloadable Stripboard Design Editor which comes pre-loaded with your basic discrete components such as resistors, caps, transistors,  and generic ICs. You can also create your own custom IC parts. It’s lacking some other common parts such as headers,  jacks, and crystals.

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