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Published on: September 9, 2013 / Comments: None

The BFG3X is a boss killer

bfg2Any fan of the DOOM series of video games remembers the BFG‘s or Big Fucking Gun.  You know you wanted one, and so did Andrew.  The only difference is Andrew decided to build one, and I’m guessing you didn’t.

From the beginning of Andrew’s build, it looks like your normal prop build.  Start with a trip to home depot, grab some pvc pipes, solder a few leds, spray paint the whole thing, yadda yadda.  But then you see towards the end of the video that Andrew put some beefy wires and a grill igniter inside… oh yeah…  It’s actually a 3 chamber potato gun!  And sure, you put enough fuel in it and it will do some flame thrower tricks as well.

The lighting effects by themselves look pretty good, the flash light mod, and the home-made acrylic light tubes… I bet this would keep those damn kids off my lawn!

Be sure to watch the video after the break.


Published on: August 23, 2013 / Comments: None

Reactive Targets for your Airsoft and NERF®

Eindia and Viktor were at a shooting gallery when Eindia insisted that they build their own Reactive Targets complete with lights and sound.  It seems so simple but can deliver hours of fun for even the oldest of kids.

Viktor used Piezo Elements mounted to sheet steel to create his target sensors. A signal conditioning circuit is used to prevent the Arduino inputs from being blown out by the high voltage that Piezos can produce. The Arduino host code which currently supports 3 modes of game play.

  •  Quick Draw  – In this mode, a random target will illuminate after 1-4 seconds. The software will measure the time from when the LED came on to when the piezo was struck. There is plenty of rest time in between to practice holstering, drawing, aiming, and firing.
  •  Timed Mode  – In this mode, random targets will illuminate for 10 seconds. Once a piezo is struck, another random target will illuminate. The final score will indicate how many targets were struck during the time period. This is to practice speed of aiming.
  •  Rapid Fire  – In this mode, one random target at a time will illuminate until 32 targets have been struck. The final score is given as the time it took for 32 targets to be hit. With 32 targets, this mode allows for the practice of magazine swapping to be figured into overall time.

I would like to see some reactive armour for NERF ammo. Sensors could be used to detect incoming NERF bullets and blow them out of the air before they hit their target.

Check out the schematic and source code on Super Fun Adventure Quest Time.

Published on: August 9, 2013 / Comments: None

A full-auto gauss machine gun? whaaaat?

Although not entirely practical or efficient, electro-magnetic guns are cool.  And if done right, they look really neat too.  This awesome gauss machine gun must be Jason’s passion, as he’s done this sorta thing before.  Most of the time you will see these types of weapons in video games or sci-fi movies, maybe because it isn’t a perfected technology yet.  What I find most amazing about this build is the full-auto mechanism.  It’s not the speediest full auto, but is capable of 7.7 rounds a second.  If you’ve ever tried to create your own auto loader system for anything like this you can appreciate this feat.

Anyhow, you can check out more info here, or just jump into the design or construction of this masterpiece.

Published on: August 7, 2013 / Comments: None

Project sentry gun, you know … for personal protection

Project sentry gun is an open source project for people who like to make sentry guns.  From the looks of it the most popular flavor is for paintball guns, but you could adapt this design to anything — as all the basics are there.  The project is powered by an Arduino or a custom Sentry controller, some servos, webcam, and some raw materials.

The site has everything you need, part’s list / BOM, places to order the parts, schematics and source code.  They also have the design for their standalone controller.  You can even buy a complete setup.

Cool project, looks like it could be a lot of fun.

Published on: July 26, 2013 / Comments: None

3D printed rifle shoots real .22 bullets, the grizzly

This has been a pretty well-lit target of the mass media, 3D printing firearms. And regardless of if you are for it, or against it, I’m not really into politics so … it’s emerging technology and its amazing. If you’ve ever fired up a 3D printer and printed your own model, you can appreciate the structural engineering that goes into making a gun that actually fires.

About a month ago there was some news of a 3D printed handgun, but this is the first rifle that I’ve seen fire. It’s only a single shot, and its a pretty light-weight bullet. I can’t say much for the safety on this one either seeing how the guy is using a string to fire it and hopefully is hiding behind a wall :)

What I personally would like to see is to take a step backwards and 3D print a custom cap gun (do they still make cap guns?) or those toy guns that used to shoot the little yellow balls.

Anyway check out this video.