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Published on: July 30, 2013 / Comments: 3

Dead easy way to talk to yer PI with yer ‘Duino

Need an easy way to have your Arduino talk to your Raspberry PI?  Oscar has you covered.  The naturally obvious solution is just to run the USB serial from the Arduino to the Raspberry PI’s USB host.  Add a quick arduino sketch, some python using pyserial and you’re in business.

If you’ve modded your Raspberry PI’s power supply and have a decent power output on your ports, you can just run the Arduino from the PI.

Should only take you a few minutes to get this up and running.  Check it out.

Published on: July 26, 2013 / Comments: 2

A good start to a CarPuter using a Raspberry Pi and an OBD-II reader

Martin got inspired by another guy doing a similar project using a Raspberry Pi and OBD-II reader on a motorcycle.  So martin got a Pi and and a USB OBD-II reader on the cheap and got it working on his car.  Seeing how the Pi is doing the heavy lifting here I can see a good start to a Car PC that monitors the vitals of your car, and possibly throwing in some multimedia and / or a touchscreen.

Martin has made his fork of the code available here and a little bit of instructions here.  The decoding is done in python so it should be pretty easy to modify or add a PyGTK library for some graphing.