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Published on: September 26, 2013 / Comments: None

Trim the fat out of your Pi

Trim that fat.

Need to stick that Raspberry Pi in a tight spot ?  Or is it just a little to big for your enclosure ?  Finn has some ideas how to shed some size off of the Pi for a slimmer fit.

The first mod is the obvious one, de-solder the RCA video connector (if you aren’t using it).  Next remove the audio jack.  Those will slim it down a little bit in the width.  Now for trimming the length, the biggest problem is the pertruding full sized SD card.

There is a fix for that, you can get a micro-sd adapter that will fit nicer.  Or you can do it the hackalizer way and take some scissors to that SD card.  As it turns out most modern SD cards only use the very tip, the rest is just empty plastic.  Who knew ?

Check out the post on finn’s site.


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