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Published on: July 25, 2013 / Comments: None

Typing in mid air

Where's my minority report style interface ?

Enthralled with the concept  of typing in mid-air, Matthew is determined get this right.  After some previous brainstorming prototyping seen here, he has a second prototype.

The implementation goes pretty low-tech, with wire, rubber gloves, and electrical tape.  The contacts are being fed into a hacked up usb gamepad, and interpreted by a php script reading the usb port. Part of what makes this hack unique is the encoding method, which I’m sure would take some practice to get right but you have to try new stuff to push innovation, right ?

Here’s a video where Matthew demo’s his TIP-TYPE 2nd prototype hack.

I think this project could more practical for playing music in the air, rather than typing however. Hopefully he continues this journey and we see about this.

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