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Published on: August 25, 2013 / Comments: 1

Using a Raspberry Pi to make a fallout inspired pip-boy

Where did I put my Vault Boy costume ?

If you’ve played the game Fallout you probably remember the Personal Information Processor, or PIP-boy. A guy named Panda decided to make the PIP-boy a reality. Not quite a picture perfect replica, but pretty a pretty functional recreation.

He’s using a Raspberry Pi model B, with a 2.8″ LCD touch screen, wi-fi and a rechargeable battery.  All of this is mounts on your arm in a custom-made case.  There’s also a Bluetooth mini keyboard.  Pretty cool.

Read the rest and check out more videos here.

One Comment.
  1. Knut says:

    it seems that there is a new camera function on this Raspip-boy :

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