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Published on: July 28, 2013 / Comments: None

Weight distribution algorithm for 3D Printing will make your print balance

balancemathI won’t lie, I have no idea what that algorithm to the left really means.  I can tell you what it means for the 3D printing community however.  The Make it stand team have come up with some long divison that can calculate how your print will balance.  It’s presented in this paper that presented at SIGGRAPH 2013.




While not the most epic thing to come to 3D printing, just the simple fact that people are working on cool new advances in 3D printing makes this exciting.  The technology works by analyzing the internal cavity structure of the object and shifting the fill from one side to the other until it reaches equilibrium.  At this point I didn’t seem to find any references to if this software will be included in another package or what, but keep your eye open for it.

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