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Published on: July 28, 2013 / Comments: None

What does your wireless router sound like?

I think I hear my late great aunt contacting me ...

Joo Won Park is doing some pretty creepy noise experiments.   He runs a site called 100 strange sounds and has some pretty awesome audio experiments.  In this one he is using a telephone pickup device, that is converting the EMF noise into sound.  Then he adds a little bit of post processing that alters pitch and envelope.  The result is some pretty creepy stuff honestly.

Another cool experiment of his (that I’ve seen before) is the no-input mixer.  Which is an audio mixer that is in crazy feedback mode and actually doesn’t have any input going to it.  The inefficiencies of the mixer are fed back into its self looping really really fast creating noise.  Then altering the mixer and knobs / sliders cause it to alter into weirder noise.  I recommend checking out more of his videos, this guy has some really cool experiments going on like playing a pool noodle.

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