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Published on: August 13, 2013 / Comments: 1

When 3D prints go wrong

Whatcha printin' ? Spaghetti ?

If you’ve ever used a 3D printer, you’ve been there, some crazy mess of extruded plastic.  Well for your amusement, there is a Flickr group dedicated to The Art of 3D Print Failure.  Next time you have a bad print, take a pic and toss it in the bin for everyone else to gawk at.

Some of the prints in there actually look fine to me but I’m sure there’s something wrong with them.  Lots of slanted prints, and missed steps.  The ones that I find the particularly odd are the ones that are side by side with another print, but smaller (missing z steps).

(Via Boing Boing, Photo of print gone wrong by Chris Cecil)

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